10 Popular Teas You Must Try

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10 Popular Teas You Must Try

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the entire world. It can be drunk hot or cold, with or without sweetener, plain or with milk. Here are 10 popular teas you must try.

While there are several popular teas, most can be placed in several categories. These categories are as follows:

  • Black
  • Oolong
  • Green
  • Pu’er
  • White

Some of these categories are included in this list, while most teas fall into one of these types. These teas all come from the same plant but are prepared differently, leading to many different tastes. Keep reading to see what kind of popular teas there are around the world. 

Earl Grey

Earl Grey is named after the prime minister who the drink was made for in 1831 by Twinings. It can be found all over the world as well as where it began in England. Bergamot, Ceylon, and Indian tea give the drink its unique flavor. 


Chamomile is a very popular herbal tea all over the world. The Matricaria chamomilla plant has flowers that are used to give the tea a sweet taste. This herbal tea is great for relaxation and reduces depression and anxiety in people.


Darjeeling is a black tea with a powerful taste due to its high caffeine content. It has a faint, nutty taste that is very sharp compared to other black teas. It is a black tea that tastes great any time of the day and can go well with all meals.


Chai is a tea served hot and blended with many flavors. It gained popularity in India and the rest of the world. It can be made at home by mixing together tea leaves, water, and milk that has been boiled. Sweetener, cinnamon, and other spices can be added for a flavorful tea that can be drunk at any time.

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Oolong is considered a true tea. It is somewhere between black and green teas. Oolong leaves can be prepared in many ways, which result in many different teas and tastes. This tea is known to lower stress and boost metabolism.

Green Tea

Green tea comes from the evergreen tea shrub and the leaves are heated to give it a green color and herbal flavor. Many different green teas are accessible with different flavors based on how they are made.


Jasmine is a popular choice of tea in Chinese restaurants. Green leaves are usually used to make jasmine tea, although it can also be made using other teas like black, white, and oolong. Jasmine petals give the tea a lightly sweet flavor.


Rooibos is a popular herbal tea. The name means "red bush" and comes from South Africa's Cederberg Mountains. Drinking it comes with many health benefits, including a healthy liver and heart. 

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English Breakfast

English breakfast is a very popular tea in England. The tea is made up of Ceylan, Assam, and Kenyan black teas to give it its unique and bold flavor. 

This tea originated in Scotland, but Queen Victoria enjoyed it so much she brought it back to England where it gained much popularity. 

People usually drink this tea with milk and sugar due to its strong flavor. 

White Tea

White tea is a type of tea from China. Its flavor differs from both black and green teas. White tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant.

This tea has a slightly sweet taste with fruity and floral elements.

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